Photographic in Granada. Ángel Guzmán Artist

Photographic in Granada. Ángel Guzmán Artist




Press Release.

Artist:  Ángel Guzmán Rodríguez.

Exhibition Title: “The Creation as a result of a Him”

Opening: March, the 3rd,  2015 at 21:30 h.

Dates: From March, 3rd. to March, 31st, 2015

Place: Exhibition Hall PhotoFontana.


Address: Carrera del Darro Street, number 19. Granada.

Organized by: Promoventos Dewanee.

Texts by: Irene Aybar y Juan Montiel.

Translation: Magdy Chang Pérez.



The Exhibition Hall PHOTOFONTANA (La Fontana Bar) will host, from March the 3rd to 31st, 2015, the Exhibition titled: “The Creation as a result of a Him”, by the photographer Ángel Guzmán.

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated at 21.30, offers to us a visual tour over 10 photo images, processing chronologically the different stages by which a homosexual young man goes throughout his life.

Historically it has had different names. The preferred to the Western until the XIX Century second half term, was the one of bugger. Notwithstanding, by 1869, the contemporary concept of “homosexual” was used for the first time by the Hungarian writer Karoly María Kertneby within a letter sent to the Prussian Minister of Justice, requesting him to abolish the homosexuality punishing laws.

Beyond the nomenclature, until relatively soon, this range of terms has been considered by the Western world as a stigma to whom it was as so defined, for, in the end, that condition classified him as an unnatural human being.

Despite of the achievement of a growing number of rights by the LGTB collective, there are still many young and not so young men who suffer deep discrimination.

The Ángel Guzmán pictures (Granada 1980) have the virtue of that, despite of having being featured by men, treat a problem that can also be applied to lesbians.

From the basis of “The Creation”, moment on which there is no room for this kind of  discriminations, Guzmán goes along the stages which a homosexual young man goes throughout his life. From the first moment when he knows that something different is happening in his inner side, until he gets the key and must assume his nature. Not without, of course, a strong inner conflict that, mentioning the great British theatre master, Shakespeare, could be reduced to a to be or not to be.

In “The Prejudice” and “The Oppression” it is staged the answer of a heterosexually ruled society, skeptical to anyone differing from a “normal” considered role.

Finally, the last three pictures which conclude this series, “The Decision”, “The Rupture” and “The Rebirth”, are intimately linked between them and each of them loses its sense without the other two ones. They relate the catharsis that an individual has to experience for turning a deaf ear and ignore any critical or attacking attitudes in his environment against his identity, to rebirth and begin a new life period, determined by the self-assertion.



Ángel Guzmán Rodríguez (Granada 1980) actually lives and works in Granada. Although he owned his Degree in Tourism at UNED University in 2002, he has always nurtured his interest in photography as an autodidact until 2013, when he started a regulated formation with photographers as important as Fernando Bayona y Emilio López. He has participated in collective and individuals exhibitions and some of his works belong to provincial collections. Likewise, he recently awarded the third prize in the photo contest “Images of Silence” organized by the Granada Municipal Cemetry.




I don´t really know how it all began. A stream of light floods my senses. I go surrendering to heat, to life´s arms. There is not Him, there is not Her. Just a soul, just a me.



I don´t understand well the world that surrounds me. There are noise, people, streets, ideas that invite me to know, touch, smell, live, experiment the unknown. But, which is my place?



Each friction, each touch approach me to a new sensations reality that attract my instincts. I feel comfortable in a world to which no one invited me to enter and which I already belonged to without knowing it. It is strange… Things seem to be made for me.



My mind. My body. I have doubts. I feel fear. I want. I can´t. A thousand questions. None answers. Desires. Frustration. Why me? I feel lonely.



I can´t deny the undeniable. I am who I am and today I decide to be what I feel.



Look at me. I show myself to the world right as I am. Before you, with nothing to hide. Now start the judgment: criticize me, insult me, reject me….violent answers to something misunderstood. You are unable to appreciate the courage of whom exposes himself without masks, without veils, without clothes: NAKED. Society, still naked, judges and bends.




Prejudices impose, my gender classifieds me. Someone made the decision for me, where should I go, how should I behave. They limit and chain me to a reality unrelated to mine.




The moment has come. I launch a last gaze, I take a last breath before giving my back to what they will say, to the prejudices, before giving my back to violence. I deeply breath…




….and my conviction makes me strong. At last I can fight against all that, until now, have invalidated me, making me feel another one. My life will never be meaningless again.




Yet there are no limits to be happy.

Finally It is Me.






Title: The Creation as a result of a Him.



Imola TM Photo Paper PSA 8 mil. 170g/m Photographic paper impression installed on Paspartú.



56 cm x44 cm    ( Stain Size 42cm x 30cm ).



5 Specimens and 2 Artist´s Copies.







The Creation.

The Curiosity.

The Discovery.

The Conflict.

The Acceptation.

The Prejudices.

The Oppression.

The Decision.

The Rupture.

The Rebirth.



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